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Things To Do

Kyiv is a city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and outstanding people. Everyone will find something interesting for himself.

The art and architecture of Kyiv are considered world treasures. Many famous artists, poets and writers estimated the unique beauty of this city.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Tour

This tour will take you to the oldest and the most beautiful cathedral in Ukraine,
Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, also known as the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. 
It is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery which gave its name
to one of the city districts in Kyiv.

Mezhyhirya (Ex-President's Residence) Tour

This is a tour to the former residence of Victor Yanukovych in the village Petrivtsi (Kyiv region).
140-hectare complex “Mezhyhiria” surrounded by five-meter fence around the perimeter. The property includes marina, equestrian club, archery range, tennis court and a hunting ground.  Journalists and politicians called the “Mezhyhiria” a symbol of presidential corruption scale and Museum of corruption. Definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Ukraine.

Kyiv Sightseeing Tour

Don`t have a lot of time in Kyiv? Want to see a lot of sights in a short period of time?

Then this tour is definitely for you! You can choose duration, starting time and lists of the sights you`ll see during the tour. Or you can just choose a tour that lasts for 3 hours and includes all the most interesting and important sights in Kyiv.

Jewish Kyiv Tour

There are thousands of Jewish people who live in Kiev nowadays.  Unfortunately they have suffered a lot during the history. This tour will offer you a chance to explore the remains of the biggest tragedy – Babyn Yar. A place where hundred thousand people were killed in times of the World War II.  Also we`ll take you to the biggest synagogues in Kyiv. You`ll never forget it.

Chernobyl Tour

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident
that occurred on the 26th April 1986 at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in then
officially Ukrainian SSR.

In this tour you will have a chance to explore the abandoned buildings and take unique photos of the remains of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and ghost town of Pripyat on a private and fully personalised full-day tour from Kiev.

Shooting Range Tour

Visit Shooting Range Tour in Kyiv and start getting unforgettable experience in shooting with real guns such as: legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 made in USSR (caliber 7.62X39) what is well known in all over the World and Colt Competition Pro CRP-20 Sniper Rifle made in USA (caliber 223 Rem). Shooting Club situated close the Kiev in 30 minutes drive in picturesque countryside.